You suspect cruelty/neglect...

Are you aware of or suspect neglect, abandonment or cruelty involving an animal? Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries is not qualified to investigate such cases, but Tioga County's humane law enforcement officer and/or police may be able to help. Start by calling your local or state police precinct, who can make contact with the humane officer and Second Chance if they need placement for the animal. Or, report it directly to the Humane Officer Krys Knecht at (484) 241-5650 or via email, website or Facebook.



You lose an animal…


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You find an animal... 


If you find a stray dog, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure that both you and the dog are safe and protected. 

  1. Approach the dog cautiously; do not call to it or rush at it, as that could scare it away. Kneeling down at its level and offering a treat can sometimes help. If you can leash the dog, do so and confine it if possible.
  2. If the animal has a license, call the County Treasurer's Office at 570-724-9213 with the license number for owner identification.  
  3. Contact folks in the neighborhood/call a popular local spot (gas station, post office, etc.) to see if anyone has reported that they have lost their dog.  
  4. If possible, take the animal to the nearest vet clinic (call them first) to have them scan the dog for a microchip. This service is free, but make sure to ask first. 
  5. Call us at 570-376-3646 to report the animal. We can also scan animals for chips, but please call first to make sure someone is at the sanctuary.  
  6. Contact the dog warden, Will Yoder, at 814-722-6719, to report the dog. 
  7. Call local radio stations (WNBT at 570-724-1490; KC101 at 570-662-9000) and describe the dog and the location where it was found. Make sure to leave your phone number.  
  8. Post a photo and info to local lost pet groups on Facebook. The most used here are Lost Pets of Tioga County PA and Lost Pets of Potter & Tioga County, PA.  
  9. Lastly, be patient. This can be a stressful situation for both you and the animal. Provide the animal with water and reassurance if possible. About 90% of the time, the owner is found within a day or two. You've done a really good thing tending to the animal in the meantime.



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