Our Dog Park

In 2019 we were the fortunate recipients of a grant from DogTrust to develop a dog park. By August 2020 the park was completed. PawPaw's Patch, named after a beloved old beagle who gave us the gift of his presence during the last few months of his life, seemed like the perfect name for this park. There is a large area  that our dogs use for exercise, agility and behavioral training, and Meet and Greets. Volunteers and others enjoy frolicking with our canines for hours each day.We have also opened a public dog park adjacent to our PawPaw's Patch where people can bring their dogs to enjoy the pristine environment that is our sanctuary. 

We also offer walking trails across the meadows, over a tiny bridge and into a field which are a delight! Come to visit us and sign up to use the Dog Park and fields!