The Show Off is a one-of-a-kind event celebrating dogs of all breeds, sizes, ages and abilities, all while helping local animals in need. 

Saturday, Sept. 21, 2024 ~ 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

Grand Canyon Veterinary grounds,11765 Route 6, Wellsboro (across from Weis)

Dog competitions

Registration now OPEN! Click the red “Competition Registration” button to begin.

Grab your best friend and sign up to compete for a prize in each category. Each pooch can compete in up to 4 of the below individual events, grouped into four categories. Each event is expected to take about 15-20 minutes, depending on number of entrants. If entering multiple events at different times, you may leave the event and come back. 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to read the Show Off Rules & Terms before registering (click the red button).

Registration: $20 per dog for each dog's first event ($25 after Sept. 1) and $5 for each additional event. First 50 entrants receive an event T-shirt and a dog bandana, both subject to availability. Each dog entrants' owner/handler also gets free general admission to the rest of the Show Off event. 



The show is broken up into four competition categories - traditional showing, unique talents, park tricks and fashion show - each with 3-5 individual events. Times waves below are approximate. Please arrive to the tent 10 minutes before your scheduled event; more approximate times to be announced. 

Struttin’ Our Stuff (approx. 10:30-11:30 am) - Owners show off their dogs in a more traditional style, walking them around the ring and displaying their ‘best sides," with one stop midway for the judges. Five similar event categories are based on size, breed or age. Dogs are judged on personality, owner/dog bond and “show-off” spirit. 

  1. Tiny Show-Offs - Dogs under 20 pounds (full grown), such as chihuahuas, corgis, dachshunds, poodles and any breed/mix in-between.
  2. Midsized Mixes - Dogs considered "medium sized" like your labs, shepherds, pitties, and anything in-between. 
  3. Giant Show-Offs - Make room for the big dogs! Any larger breed invited.
  4. Still-Got-It Seniors - Any dog 7 years or older. Show us you've still got it!
  5. Not-So-Tough - A special time for those loveable dogs who may be a breed perceived as "tough guys/gals." Show the world there's a mushy, sweet soul behind the muscles!

I’ll Show You! (approx. 12-1 pm) - The talent show portion judged on uniqueness and level of talent.

  1. Artsy Expression - Dogs express themselves via singing, dancing, acting, painting or any other form of "artsy" self-expression. They may invite a human or two or even other dogs to perform with them. 
  2. Just Being Myself - These are the quirks that are just part of your dog's nature - unique stance/walk, facial expressions, a one-of-a-kind bark, a super waggy tail. Or, do they just chill out in the middle of the ring? We want to see what makes them, them! 
  3. You’ll Never Believe This - It's what you say to your friends after Fido nailed that epic trick, or just randomly started doing something unbelievable all on his own. We want to see those jaw-dropping stunts, tricks and talents! 
  4. Acrobatics - Make room for energy-based show-offs. Do they bounce or flip? Race around in circles? Do they do parkour? Can they fly? Let's find out! (Tricks requiring more space should enter "Free Choice" in the Park Tricks category.)

Park Tricks (approx. 1-2:30 p.m.) - Just what it sounds like! These tricks take lots of space and lots of talent. 

  1. Fetch Crazed - It’s not how far they run, but how many balls or frisbees or personal fetch favorites they bring back. These show-offs return fetches for two minutes. 
  2. Wait-For-It… - Dogs must wait for the three words, then repeat as they retrieve frisbees from each of five stations.
  3. Stop ‘N Go Hoops - A row of seven hoops are placed on the ground in a row. With four dogs competing at a time in their own row, they stop on each hoop, go to the next on command, stop, go, stop, go, etc. (kind of like the game Red Light, Green Light). The top two dogs in each heat compete again until a champion is found. 
  4. Run-The-Rings - Ten standing hoops become an overcome-able obstacle for dogs to race through. Every ring must be run through. Most complete run with the best time gets the prize. 
  5. Free Choice - If it's an awesome trick that requires a large open space, this is the time. The more unique the better! 

Fashion Show-Offs (approx. 2:30-3:30 pm) - They’re all dressed up with somewhere to go! If your dog likes wearing clothes (please don't force them if they aren't comfortable), this is their time to shine! 

  1. Fancy that! - The fanciest duds only in this strut down the runway. 
  2. Olde Time Guys and Gals - Seniors dogs age 7 and older dress to the nines, nineties, or however they want!  
  3. Who You Calling Dog? - From cartoon to movie characters, food, people, other animals, or whatever, disguise your pooch as something else! Originality rewarded. 
  4. Sports Fan Show-Offs - Any sport, any team. Let's go!


More Show Off fun!


For-profit vendors or services, $20 setup fee. No fee for nonprofits or free demonstrations/activities. Click the green button to register. 

Activities for kids

Dog House Games with prizes

Adopt a stuffed dog 

Coloring & crafts 

Photo shoots 

And more!


Other activities 

Fetch - Every half-hour between 10:30-3:30, numbered tennis balls can be purchased for $3. They'll be thrown in a fenced-in area for a dog to “fetch” one. If your number is selected, you get a choice of prizes! 

Food & refreshments - More to be announced soon. 


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