Are you aware of a neglect, abandonment or cruelty situation involving an animal? Unfortunately, Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries is not qualified to investigate such cases. However, there is something you should do. We have a cruelty investigator in our county who volunteers her time to investigate. Her name is Krys Knecht and her phone number is:



If you do not get satisfaction within 48 hours of your call, please give us a call. Once again, we CANNOT directly intervene, but perhaps we can follow-up on your initial call.



If you find a stray dog, there are steps that need to be taken to ensure that both you and the dog are safe and protected. Approach the dog cautiously---do not rush at him as that could scare him away. Kneeling down at his level can sometimes bring him to you, as well as a treat. If you can leash the dog, do so and confine him if possible. If the animal has a license, call the County Treasurer's Office with the license number for owner identification. If not, then follow these steps:

1. Contact folks in the neighborhood/call a popular local spot (Minimart, post office, etc.) to see if anyone has been in reporting that they have lost their dog.
2. Call the radio stations (WNBT--724-1490; KC101 662-9000) and describe the dog and the location where he has been found. Make sure to leave your phone number.
3. Call us (570-724-3646) to report the animal.
4. Call Animal Care Sanctuary (former SPCA facility outside of Wellsboro) to see if anyone has reported a lost dog. (570-724-3687)
5. If possible, take the animal to the nearest vet clinic (call them first) to have them scan the dog for a microchip. This service is free, but make sure to ask first.
6. Contact the dog warden, Will Yoder, at 814-722-6719.

7. Lastly, be patient. It is stressful, on both yourself and the animal. Make sure to tend to the animal with plenty of water, and reassure him if necessary. 90% of the time the owner is found within a day or two. You've done a really good thing tending to the animal in the meantime.