Our Mission: 
  • To provide humane, no-kill sanctuaries for the care and rehabilitation of abandoned and at-risk animals.
  • To provide compassionate, animal-friendly environments that respect the dignity and total needs of all animals under our care and protection
  • To provide outreach programs and networks for animal adoptions, public respect and appreciation of animals, and  awareness of animal needs as well as human responsibilities

Our vision is, through example, advocacy, and outreach, to make a real difference in not only the animals we help but in future treatment and respect for all life, great or small.

We have quite a few community service and fundraising events coming up. Please click on any of the posters below to read more!

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Are you interested in welcoming a dog into your family for a short period of time? We are always looking for folks to temporarily foster a dog (for a week-3 weeks) because we have a waiting list of dogs to come to our center. Any foster dog would be up to date on shots, temperament tested, and healthy. Please contact us if you could help us out!

Shelter Animals Count | The National Database

We are in dire need of assistance with transporting multiple animals to spay/neuter appointments in the Williamsport, PA or Corning, NY areas. If you can lend a hand in taking some of our animals in your vehicle to these appointments (either dropping them off or picking them up later in the day) please get in touch with us. We will reimburse you for mileage.

EVERYBODY loves Krispy Kreme doughnuts! We are taking orders for a delivery in time for Valentine's Day! If interested, please email, call, or message us! Deadline for payment and orders is February 7th.