Heading Home Center

Our Heading Home Center opened its doors in September 2016. Thanks to bequests from Dorothy Condict, Hattie Blackwell, Ilsa Rosenthal, Don Beach and Nancy Harman this building became a reality and continues to expand.

The main focus of the center is to assist stray and abandoned dogs and cats, providing them with a healthy, nurturing environment until a forever home can be found that matches their personalities and needs. The dog warden and other law enforcement personnel are able to bring dogs into the center 24 hours a day and every effort is made to locate the owners via social media, radio, vet clinics and police. If unfortunately the owner does not reclaim their dog, we administer shots, have the dog spayed/neutered, and attend to any special behavioral/health needs before adopting him/her to a new home. Volunteers come daily to walk/exercise the dogs in their outside play yard. 

The building is heated with radiant floor heat, which provides for a comfortable surface for all of the animals to sleep on. Elevated beds are provided for the dogs (unless they prefer to chew them up!) Blankets are always provided on the floor surfaces.  

Our stray and abandoned cats enjoy the life of living in a cat colony equipped with perches, climbing apparatus, stimulating toys, and access to an outside play area when weather permits. Volunteers come to socialize and cuddle the cats and kittens, readying them for their new homes. We take care of all vaccinations, spaying/neutering, and other health related issues prior to adoption.  

Our center has been planned and developed to be a cheerful, temporary home to animals while they await that perfect person!