Adoptable animals & application


1. Fill out an application online by scrolling to the bottom of this page or by clicking here. Or, download an application as a Word doc or PDF. These can be emailed, faxed, mailed or dropped off at the shelter. Paper copies are also available at the shelter. Please note this is the only application we accept; submitting an inquiry on PetFinder or Adopt a Pet does not constitute an application (however, if you do so, we will email you a link to our application). 

2. We will process your application by calling your veterinarian and personal references. How long this takes depends on how quickly we can reach them. Please contact your veterinarian ASAP to give them permission to disclose information to us. Not doing so causes delays in processing applications. You can help further expedite this process by letting personal references and/or landlords know we'll be calling from the number 570-376-3646.

3. We will inform you of your application's status, usually in a few days to a week. Even if the animal you hoped to adopt goes to another home, you still may be approved to adopt another animal. In most cases, approved applications are good for one year. We attempt to match animals to homes that best fit their personality/needs and vice versa, and not by the order in which applications are received.

NOTE: You do not have to apply for a specific animal on your application. You can submit it as a "pre-application" for a certain size, age or breed of animal, and if approved, we can contact you if a possible match arrives at the shelter.

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