Fostering a dog or cat in need of shelter, love and guidance is incredibly rewarding! Providing that important stepping stone saves lives, alleviates the strain on animal shelters and helps set the stage for successful adoptions. Many dogs and cats who are fostered in positive, nurturing environments by people with basic training and behavior knowledge are more likely to be adopted, less likely to be returned to the shelter, less likely to suffer from behavioral setbacks and are less stressed and more adaptable to life in their new homes. 

Second Chance provides all supplies, training and support for our fosters. All you have to provide is your space, time and love. Please understand that due to intake scheduling and adoption highs and lows, we do not utilize fosters 100% of the time. Sometimes, a special animal comes along who really needs to spend time in a home environment. 

If you're interested in being on our foster list for cats or dogs (or either!), please fill out a foster application by clicking the green button below. Drop off or mail the application to the sanctuary or email it to