Find our foster application below the FAQ. 

Why should I consider fostering? 
Fostering a dog or cat in need of shelter, love and guidance is incredibly rewarding! Providing that important stepping stone saves lives, alleviates the strain on animal shelters and helps set the stage for successful adoptions. Many dogs and cats who are fostered in positive, nurturing environments by people with basic training and behavior knowledge are more likely to be adopted, less likely to be returned to the shelter, less likely to suffer from behavioral setbacks and are less stressed and more adaptable to life in their new homes. 

Does it cost me anything? What does Second Chance provide? 
Fostering with us is completely 100% free! Second Chance provides all supplies such as food, litter, toys, beds and support for our fosters. All you have to provide is your space, time and love.

How long do animals stay with fosters? 
The length of time an animal is with a foster depends on a number of factors - such as the animal's age, medical status, behavioral needs, etc. It also depends on how much time the foster is willing to give. Neonatal kittens or puppies for example, will typically stay until they're 6-8 weeks old. We also have longterm or hospice fosters, in which the animal is expected to live out its life, no matter how much time they have left, in their foster's loving home. Or, healthy and adoptable fosters may only stay in the home for a couple of weeks.

Can I foster right away? 
Please understand that due to intake scheduling, adoption highs and lows, resource utilization and volunteer availability, we do not use fosters 100% of the time, but we're hoping to increase our foster base. We aim to maintain a list of folks open to fostering in case emergency situations arise. When such animals come along, we'll make contact with approved fosters and if none work out, we'll post a plea to our Facebook page.

Can fosters adopt the animal? 
ABSOLUTELY! As long as everything has gone well, the animal's foster is given preference if they wish to adopt the animal they've loved and nurtured.

Do I have to live in Tioga County to foster with Second Chance?
Not necessarily. Living within driving distance is preferable in order to pick up supplies, transport to vet appointments if needed or if an emergency or other situation arises in which the animal needs to come back to the sanctuary.

How do I foster with Second Chance Animal Sanctuaries? 
If you're interested in being on our foster list for cats or dogs (or either!), please fill out a foster application below. Paper applications may also be filled out at the sanctuary during our open hours. Once we receive your application, we'll call your vet and personal references and reach out to you for any other information or questions. Please understand we may not process foster applications right away. To check the status of your foster application, please call us at 570-376-3646 or email Once approved and we have an animal who may be a good match, we will call you. Or, if we post for an urgent foster on our Facebook page, and you're interested, please reach out!