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* Links marked with an asterisk are geared toward shelters/rescues but could also be useful to pet owners or the general public. 



Kitten care webinars (Kitten Lady):

Kitten care articles, guides (Kitten Lady):

Help! I found a kitten! (Alley Cat Allies webinar, requires registration): 

How Old Is That Kitten? Kitten Progression: At-a-Glance (Alley Cat Allies guide):

ASNA Gentle Handling Techniques for Cats (ASPCA webinar):

What Color is My Cat (National Kitten Coalition webinar):

Cat Identification Guide (Alley Cat Allies guide):

* How to Scan a Cat for a Microchip (Alley Cat Allies guide):

* Cat Lifesaving: Cats in Shelters (Best Friends Animal Society webinar):

* Cat Lifesaving: Kittens (Best Friends Animal Society webinar):



The P's of Panleukopenia (National Kitten Coalition webinar):

Diarrhea on the Run (National Kitten Coalition webinar):

Fading Kitten Syndrome (National Kitten Coalition webinar):

All About Spay and Neuter (Alley Cat Allies webinar):

* Who Should I Be Testing? Untangling the Mystery of FeLV and FIV in Shelter Cats (ASPCA webinar):

* Feline Upper Respiratory Disease Basics (ASPCA webinar):

* Feline Panleukopenia: The Basics (ASPCA webinar):

* Managing Feline Upper Respiratory Disease in Shelters (Best Friends Animal Society webinar):



Cat Behavior Webinar Series (Alley Cat Allies webinars):

Is That Cat Feral? (ASPCA webinar):

Feline Communication (ASPCA webinar):

From hiss to purr: Socializing feral kittens (Humane Society webinar):

A Guide to Interactions Between Cats and Humans (Alley Cat Allies guide):

Cat Behavior and Enrichment Best Friends Animal Society webinar):

A Visual Guide to Cat Body Language (Alley Cat Allies guide):

No more cat wrangling: Feline friendly handling (Humane Society webinar):

* Shelter Behavior Roundtable: Socializing Neonate & Singleton Kittens (ASPCA webinar):

* Shelter Behavior Roundtable: Supporting Shy and Fearful Cats in the Shelter and at Home (ASPCA webinar): 

* Stress Reduction & Enrichment for Shelter Cats (ASPCA webinar):

* Top Tips for Happy Shelter Cats (ASPCA course, requires login):

* Measuring & Minimizing Sound In Shelters To Improve Cat Welfare (ASPCA course, requires login):



Trap Neuter Return Monitor and Colony Care Certification Training (ASPCA course, requires login):

Why Trap-Neuter-Return Feral Cats? The Case for TNR (Alley Cat Allies guide):

How You Can Help Community Cats: A Step-by-Step Guide to Trap-Neuter Return (Alley Cat Allies guide):

Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) Equipment and Supplies (Alley Cat Allies guide):

Drop & Box Trap Options for Cats (Alley Cat Allies guide):

Colony Care Guide (Alley Cat Allies guide): 

Best Practices: Community Cat Colony Care (Alley Cat Allies guide):  

Feeding Station Options (Alley Cat Allies guide):




Not Just Kennel Cough (ASPCA webinar):

Parvo Basics (ASPCA webinar):

* Understanding Heartworm Disease in Shelter Animals (ASPCA webinar):



Dog Reactivity (Best Friends Animal Society webinar):

Identifying and Managing Food Guarding (ASPCA webinar):

Speaking Dog! Canine Communication #1 of 3 (ASPCA webinar):

Speaking Dog! Canine Communication #2 of 3 (ASPCA webinar):

Speaking Dog! Canine Communication #3 of 3 (ASPCA webinar):

How to Interact with Dogs to Minimize Stress (ASPCA course, requires login):

* How to Encourage Good Behavior in Shelter Dogs (ASPCA course, requires login):

* Innovative Ways to Work with At-Risk Dogs Town Hall (Best Friends Animal Society webinar):

Dog Behavior and Handling (Best Friends Animal Society webinar):

* Training for Shelter Dogs (Best Friends Animal Society):



Shelter Behavior Roundtable: Behavior Support for Long-Stay Shelter Cats and Dogs (ASPCA webinar):

Fear Free: Helping Shelter Pets Find Health, Happiness, and Homes (ASPCA webinar):

Shelter Behavior Roundtable: Behavioral Support for Fosters (ASPCA webinar):

Do Try This At Home: Cheap & Fun Enrichment Ideas for Shelters (ASPCA webinar):

The 8 Components Every Animal Enrichment Program Should Have (ASPCA webinar):

Animal Behavior for Shelters (ASPCA webinar):

Challenging Behavior Cases in the Shelter Setting (ASPCA course, requires login):

Parvovirus Infections in Dogs and Cats: Key Strategies for Prevention and Management in Animal Shelters (ASPCA course, requires login):

Rescued animals: Ensuring quality of life (Humane Society webinar):

How to Communicate Shelter Animal Behavior Clearly (ASPCA course, requires login):


Shelter Intake: Part 1 (ASPCA webinar):

Shelter Intake: Part 2 (ASPCA webinar):

Shelter Sanitation: Part 1 (ASPCA webinar):

Shelter Sanitation: Part 2 (ASPCA webinar):

Cleaning and Sanitation (Best Friends Animal Society course):

Make it work! Shelter behavior operations (Humane Society webinar):

The past, present and future of adoptions (Humane Society webinar):

Return-To-Owner: Increasing the RTO Percentage in Your Shelter (Alley Cat Allies webinar, requires registration):



Engaging Volunteers (ASPCA course, requires login):

Caring this Much is Exhausting! The Emotional Challenges of Working in an Animal Shelter or Rescue Environment (ASPCA course, requires login):

The cost of caring: Skills to prevent compassion fatigue (Humane Society webinar):